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Best verbal preparation aid for GMAT


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Like every non native English aspirant , the most dreaded part of the GMAT preparation for me was Verbal Section. The Actual problem that i was facing was despite of all the hardwork , i was always committing mistakes and this was impacting my confidence. Small and silly mistakes in terms of choices were very confusing and always acted as a hindrance for me to get a decent standing in Verbal section.
After reviewing and going through some of the online session and articles of E-gmat, i enrolled for the course and after going through the sections and practices , feel had i taken the course earlier, i would have saved lot of time. The best part of the Course is SC and it is hands down best resource than one can find for Verbal Preparation. The detailed analysis of every element of sentence and probable GMAT question has been thoroughly discussed and by going through several practice tests , it becomes second nature. There is no scope for guess or non conformity . For example, the impact of modifiers on different elements of the sentences and how placement of modifiers changes complete meaning . these small nitty gritty are the real essence of the course and help you to understand the things in the better way. Similarly in RC and CR , prethinking saves you from a lot of the problems and guess works. With every concept and practice session , you will feel the confidence and accuracy going up wards only. After that you have Scholaranium that helps you with regular practice and its questions are very much in line with the real problems. Quizzes and question pools are awesome and great help. Overall it is one of the best thing that one can have , for verbal preparation. Most important is the way the whole thing has been designed , it is too simple yet so effective. Also, the e-gmat team is always there for your help and support and it just shows they care for you and your preparation. And it really a great thing . Thank you E-gmat for everything.

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