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I think E-Gmat is a very good value for your money service. I took the GMAT Prep mock test to get an idea of where I was before starting preparation and scored a 720. I purchased the Egmat course because I was targeting a score of 760. I think their sentence correction course is really good. In my case I think it improved my verbal score by 01-02 points but that is because I was already at a good level. I took the GMAT test and scored a 730. My sigma mock scores were as follows:
1) 700 (Before starting preparation)
2) 700 (After completing sentence correction section)
3) 750 (one week after mock 2- in this week i practiced in the scholaranium)
4) 760 (one week after mock 3- continued scholaranium practice)
5) 760
GMAT Prep 2- 760

Afterwards I didn't prepare for 06 months and it was only last week that I started preparing again but this time around I focused more on the official problems and practiced my weak areas from the previous ESR and scored a 760 with 05 days of preparation.

In conclusion Egmat is a good course but if you want an elite score you need to focus on the official guide more. Egmat's sentence correction is very good but limited in terms of difficult problem types. Their RC is good and I think their Critical Reasoning is the weakest part of the three, albeit still good.
I gave it 05 stars because it is very cheap.
One thing that I didn't like was that I tried to talk to Mr.Rajat or Payal but I couldn't until after I had taken the test. Eventually I figured it out myself on how to score higher in the retest.

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