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Tuck Admit! Great Experience


Product Menlo Coaching

Consultant Alice van Harten

I decided to start working with Menlo Coaching in January of 2019 and worked with Alice for almost a year. All throughout the year, Alice and her team really pushed me to go beyond what I thought was possible. For example, when I signed with Menlo, I had a 740 GMAT, and they pushed me to study some more and take it again. Additionally, Alice and her team were willing to work with me on a daily basis for months on end. I sent her drafts for the essays, and we went through dozens of drafts. Additionally, she helped me on 8 schools, of which I earned an interview with 6, and admission at 4.

As someone who has never worked at a particularly prestigious or attended a selective college, I was over the moon to be admitted to Tuck, Ross, Johnson, and Vanderbilt, with big scholarships (including two full rides). Menlo Coaching pushed me and hopefully my career to new heights!

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