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Best guidance for GMAT prepration


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Course e-GMAT Online Intensive

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GMAT is an one of kind of a well structured exam that tests your analytical ability and exposes what you are weak at. There is no escape from same. And to excel you just need to raise the bar of your ability.
And in this journey, a right guidance and mentor could prove to be very effective and quick way to success. Along with all this a right guidance and right approach could prove to be a life long asset that you gain in your GMAT preparation journey.

In my journey of 620 to 730 journey, EGMAT turned out to be the same. I purchased its GMAT online course and used same throughout my preparation.

1. Its verbal section is amazing. And there is no match to this. It explains the things in such a layman terms that anyone can understand.

Master comprehension course was one of turning point for me in regards to how I read sentences and understand them. It overhauled my approach towards reading. And no doubt it leveraged my reading and understanding ability.

Sentence correction course has been structured in such a way without any grammatical jargons that even a layman can understand it. It just build your base from scratch and equip you to solve complex sentences with right approach. Its meaning based approach is unique to EGMAT, and same no doubt helps in eliminating wrong answers with 100% accuracy.

In CR, Prethinking approach really gives you better insights and understanding of argument, and fasten your problem solving skill. It is much easier to eliminate wrong answers once you prethink about depths of your CR argument.

RC approaches nonetheless was helpful in gaining better understanding of complex passages.

So overall I will suggest, Verbal section is not just guide you in right way of solving GMAT questions, but also helps you in building abilities that are required in your preparation and way forward in your B-school journey.

2. Scholaranium is another nice platform that helps your to customize test as per your need. I have tried few other tutorial test platform but none of them match with EGMAT Scholaranium.
Also its explanation and approach to problem solving stands out any other.

3. In my initial attempts, EGMAT team gave me insights about what I am lacking and where I am making mistake with help of ESR. And those insights helped me to move way up the ladder. This platform do have very effective and responsive forum for Q&A.

So overall I will anytime recommend this course, incase your want to crack the GMAT fast and raise your analytical and ability skills.

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