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One of the best investments I made!


ApplicantLab amazes me with its concept - it's like a one-stop destination for all advices you need to get to most top MBA with just one-time subscribe!

I am an international applicant who has never studied abroad before, so I wasn't familiar with the concept of a well-rounded profile which is highly emphasized in most top MBAs and this is where ApplicantLab came in. The tool is full of explanation on how to make your profile as strong as possible at any application stage you are in - whether you are still 1 year away from applying, still researching career goal/essay, or already receiving interview invite!

Personally, I started using the app really early (like 1 year before applying MBA) and it was a really great decision since I had time to boost my leadership examples at work and do networking with alums (which the Lab recommended for early preparation).

The advices Maria gave in the lab and her videos are really top-notch, detailed, and structured. If you are a self-starter, start early, and actually do all of her advices, I don't see any reason not to have an appealing and strong profile for MBA. She basically covered most of the weaknesses, how to tackle them, and what traits to highlight on each specific school you want to apply.

If you need extra-help, I also highly recommend to try the add-on services. I personally used sanity check (2x), essay review (2x), and mock interview - all with Carin. With really affordable price than most traditional consultants, I received some really spot-on feedback on how to shape the stories in the most appealing way and which parts to emphasize.

In the end, I received a full-ride scholarship from a T15 school (despite having GMAT <700, coming from somewhat overrepresented industry, and not going to a top-ranked college), and I'm giving this review to show my gratitude for all guidance I have received from ApplicantLab. Thank you, Maria & Carin for your awesome help!

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