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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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E-GMAT verbal course - Simply amazing. It made verbal very easy for me.

I would recommend this course highly for non-natives.
The sentence correction course is outstanding.
Thank you e-gmat for the wonderful course.

The course is balanced with each of SC, RC and CR. The video courses are concise and designed for beginners and helped me focus on the core. I am greatly impressed by the sentence correction strategies in the module. The logical approach to solve SC questions is excellent.

During my 20 days preparation, I realized how good the verbal online course is. Special mention for SC, because I think this is the best course which anybody can take and become comfortable with nuances of SC- sentence structure,meaning and spotting the errors.SC is structured in very easy to understand mode . Moreover, the articles written for SC is superb.In CR, Structure and pre-thinking steps gives a solid understanding of the argument. In RC, solution technique for Inference question was best.But the best part is verbal workshop. I recommend everyone to attend it,because it gives you the points where you have to focus (even you have studied full and getting a good score in mocks).

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