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A good course for Non-native English speakers


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

Location Online

I was using MGMAT SC and CR guide but unable to see improvement in my verbal score beyond 28.
I've gone through the material again and again but I couldn't improve.

I realized that there is some serious gap between my understanding and the course material I am using.
Then I found e-GMAT through GMAT Club.I attended some free session by Rajat and decided to subscribe for e-GMAT verbal Online course.

Course is nicely designed and very helpful for non-native English speakers like me.
e-GMAT helped me to clear my concepts and to build solid foundation.It also helped me to build
process to solve any question, which was missing from my preparation.

e-GMAT's step by step process helps to solve questions quickly with accuracy.
Breaking argument and prethinking helped a lot to solve CR questions.

Guessing what should come next and keep oneself engaged while reading RC passage helps a lot in understanding and solving RC passages.
e-GMAT's process to solve questions looks cumbersome and time consuming at the beginning but after some practice (i.e. following it properly for 30-40 questions) it becomes inherent and one can see improvement in understanding the question and solving it within 2 min.

Overall I would recommend this course for non native English speakers.

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