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Best techniques to ace CR and SC


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I started my gmat preparation with verbal score of 29 and was really worried about how to improve my score. You can exhaust all the material and still feel stuck because right approach is really necessary and that is where eGMAT came into picture.
Before egmat's verbal online course i used to have different approach for different types of SC questions and the explanations seemed to me biased with the answers, even in OG's explanations, where for most of the choices of SC questions , the explanation would be its wordy or not grammatically correct, or for CR answer choices, the explanation would be just OUT of scope / opposite... without any further explanations, In that case there is little chance of gaining from solving these questions. But egmat provided that definitive, a structural approach that would work for all types of CR or SC questions.
A checklist of 8 points to look for errors in GMAT SC goes with questions of any difficulty level, which i found most helpful . the same with CR question, its focus on proper allocation of time to comprehend, prethink and POE really makes solving CR question fun and easy.(specially after prethinking approach all the OG explanations seemed to be within my line of thinking ).
After video lessons( with emoticons), application practice quizzes really help build up the concept and then segregation of OG questions provides a lot to practice on just one concept.
Though I am yet to write my GMAt exam in two weeks, I am getting 730 -750 in every mock now. with verbal score of 39 to 42.

I would really recommend verbal online course to anyone who have problem in CR or SC, or attend a free webinar by Rajat, you can make your own decision afterwards.

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