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Its all a non-native will need for verbal


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I did not have any idea about the GMAT verbal. In fact, the only thing i knew about GMAT was that verbal was tougher than quant, and since I was a non-native English speaker, I knew I would need to work really hard for verbal part. Then, I came across one of the free webinars from e-Gmat, and was really impressed by their teaching style (good part - they conduct frequent webinars and you can attend as many as you want before concluding upon joining the course). Since I needed a self-paced course, I went for the 'Verbal Online'.

I must say, that the e-GMAT team must have been really thoughtful while creating this stuff. A few days into the course, and it was evident that a substantial amount of research and home-work must have gone into creating the kind of material they provided. Everything (especially SC) felt like it was fine tuned for me. Below are a few things that stood out:

1)SC: This is the best of all. I would say these guys know in and out of GMAT SC. I believe, ‘The 3 step approach’ is one of the best ways to approach and master GMAT SC questions. It was clear, precise and to the point. One would not need anything else here! “To defeat the enemy, don’t hit the enemy… hit his strategy”, I think e-GMAT does exactly this when it comes to SC.
My rating: 10/10

2)CR: Now, you can’t make someone think but you can always fill up his arsenal with stuff he/she would need to think. I think e-GMAT does just that. The ‘Pre thinking’ technique taught by them is quite useful at most of the times if not always.
Though the in-depth analysis of all the question types is wonderful, I still felt that there was scope of a few more ‘discoveries’ in GMAT CR.
My rating: 8/10

3)RC: The ‘7 key reading strategies’ clearly raised my accuracy. But then I was a bad reader, and still am. Nonetheless, e-GMAT has helped me tremendously to tackle the RC section which was one of my worst nightmares. The way they handled every passage by breaking it into smaller and manageable pieces, analysed the structure and flow of the passage and made the reader involve in the passage was excellent.
My rating: 9/10

4)IR: Wouldn’t say much as I couldn’t go through it completely. But from all that I could see, a lot many ‘types’ were covered in detail.
My rating: NA

In general, everything was structured- step by step. This sometimes made verbal feel like quant, and that turned out to be quite beneficial. All in all, if you are a non-native and verbal is what you worry about, it’s better to have e-GMAT with you than to not have it.

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