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Tackling the CR demons with E-GMAT


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After my second attempt at GMAT, in which I got a 690 (V34, Q49) I was really disappointed to come so close to 700, yet fall short by a small margin. I opted for the Enhanced Score Card which revealed that my SC percentile was 91%, RC was 55% and CR was lagging behind at 24%. It was then that I decided to enroll to a verbal course to enhance my CR skills and got in touch with DJ from the E-GMAT team.

DJ encouraged me go through the CR videos and helped me by finalizing a timing strategy. He asked me to maintain an error log. I sent across the error logs frequently and DJ would closely analyze those and suggest remedial measures. The scholarnium 2.0 platform was really helpful in diagnosing weak areas and keeping a check on timing issues. I also learnt a lot from Stacey's guidance on the SC forum in E-GMAT as well. Finally the Sigma X mocks were really accurate in estimating the current skill levels and provided a realistic measure of the GMAT score. Overall, I believe that investing the E-GMAT verbal online course helped me push past the hurdle of the GMAT exam.

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