August 01, 2017

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The Best End to End MBA solution!!!


I recently completed my GMAT and managed to scale a score of 710 (Q49 V38) in the actual GMAT from my initial score of 630.

I had spent the entire month before my actual exam taking only mock Gmat exams. I have taken all the free tests available on the internet to date and also had brought few paid test packs from Manhattan prep, Veritas prep, Experts Global and GMAC practice tests.

Of all the test packages available, I found that the one which stood out amongst the others but not widely known to all aspiring students is the test pack from Experts global.

The mock tests my Experts Global had a serious role in my 80 points improvement. Here are the main points that I would like to highlight:

15 Full length tests (Probably the highest number of tests by any company)
You get a Full set of 15 full length tests inclusive of AWA and IR. Most other packages are only for a meager 5 tests max. 15 tests with the feel of real GMAT were great help in making me get used to the testing environment and helped me get my timing strategies right.

Fair closeness with the real GMAT
Although Veritas Prep and Manhattan prep have been around for years now, the closeness to the actual GMAT questions (in my personal opinion) is very much lacking in these packages. I would say that both test packages were way too difficult than the actual GMAT. It was really surprising to see that the test package from Experts Global, something I chose out of serendipity, was really close to the actual GMAT. I would say that in terms of Question selection they have done a good job of emulating the actual GMAT level questions and despite 15 tests, I did not find the questions or concepts repeating- something that was my fear when I first opted for this test series.

Video solutions as well as written explanations
Instant Video solutions to all questions!!! It was the only pack which gives full Video explanations of the questions for better understandings and faster shortcuts. There is immediate clarification to understand where you have gone wrong. I also recommend you to go through the video solutions for questions you have answered right as you may discover faster shortcuts to these questions

A reliable scoring algorithm
Their scoring algorithm gives you a close estimate of the actual GMAT score. The average score from my last 7 tests from the test package gave a clear indication of my GMAT range. My final score in each section as well as overall test was almost accurately the arithmetic mean of my performance in test#13-15, the final three tests of Experts Global.

Detailed analysis- diagnosis of weak areas
The software gets better with more usage. In built analytics shows your weak areas to help work with them.
Separate Dashboards show Topics that need improvement, Time spent on various difficulty levels and a graph that shows your progress. A few seconds of inspection gives you clear idea about what you should work on before taking your next test

Great value for money
15 FULL LENGTH TESTS FOR $29!!!! That’s a steal no matter how you look at it!!!!!!

It is a killer deal that you get for $29 .The quality of questions and scoring pattern is a close resemblance of the actual GMAT. 15 tests coupled with all the free tests that are available are more than what you actually for exam practice. As Experts Global’s quality was impressive, I went on to enroll for their admissions services post the exam and I am very happy with the commitment of the team towards my admission in every stage. I received admits with scholorships from Michigan Broad, Mcgill, HEC montreal and UBC Sauder


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April 26, 2019

Dear Arun,

Thanks for your kind words.

It is indeed a very gratifying feeling to learn that GMAT prep made so much a difference to you! :)

Good luck!

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November 09, 2016

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The centre is located on the everbusy Nelson Manikam road, so if you are planning to commute by car/taxi, i suggest you plan for some congestion in advance.

The test centre is on the 4th floor of the building on the rear, so you might have to ask the security for the directions. The staff there are polite and courteous and help you with all your queries.

The exam might start a earlier then your scheduled appointment time if there are free systems available as was in my case,

the environment is quiet except for the loud key strokes from your fellow test takers. you have to bear with it.

The ambiance,facilities and environment were conductive to have an overall good Test taking experience

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