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This year in March, I felt bad after my poor performance in GMAT Prep-I. I scored 630 with V27 and Q49. Immediately, I focused my preparation on Verbal. As a non-native speaker, I was very slow in choosing the correct choice in SC. Even though I had MGMAT SC strategy guide, I was not able to apply the concepts in the mock test. In order to make up my verbal, I enrolled myself in the e-GMAT SC course. I was amazed to find the concepts nicely organised and structured. As I progressed learning important concepts with GMAT-like sentence example, I could understand the sentence structure. The OG explanation became clear. The course trained me to focus on sentence meaning. The course helped me to understand how to analyse the sentence by breaking it into clauses and then think on logic to build their relation. I gained confidence after I scored V35 in GMAT prep-II. I will be appearing GMAT on 15th November and I eagerly hope to reach a target score of V40 with the help of e-GMAT.

Thanks e-GMAT team.

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