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Like many others when beginning their GMAT prep, I took a practice test to gauge my current ability. I got V42 and let’s just say a very low quant score. Understandably, I decided to focus all my effort on quant. At first, I was reluctant to buy any products because of all the free materials available online. I was quickly overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to begin. There was too much data for me to process from too many sources. Plus, I read that some of the free content may not even be GMAT relevant. So, I set out to find a product I could trust that would be my one-stop shop for GMAT prep. Lo and behold I discover e-GMAT’s free Number Properties webinar. I attended the webinar and liked it a lot. The instruction was clear and with plenty of insights. I thought I improved after that one session.

That prompted me to go for e-GMAT’s free trial, and my positive experience there led me to the full Quant Live Prep course. I’ll list out the things I like most about e-GMAT:
- The product is organized really well. It’s broken up into 5 broad areas (Number Properties, Algebra, Geometry, Word Problems, Advanced Topics), each of which contains all the lessons you need to become a master at the topic. Because of this, I didn’t spend time on creating a study plan. My plan was to just go through all the sections one by one, and re-evaluate after completion.
- Scholaranium is a great tool. It was super handy once I completed the course because it allowed me to target my weak areas and really iron out those remaining wrinkles.
- The audio-visual format of e-GMAT is a great complement to other resources you may be using (e.g. the OG). Research shows that learning via different mediums (e.g. textbook, lecture, discussion) is better for retention than learning via a single medium.
- And lastly, my questions would get a response within 24 hours.

Just to share my progress, I recently took e-GMAT’s proctored exam and scored in the Q49-51 range, which makes me hopeful for the real thing coming up in a month.

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