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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Even though I had put in a lot of effort in understanding the concepts from books and practicing from the OG, my score on mocks was constantly fluctuating. I approached e-GMAT one month before my exam and then decided to defer my exam by a month, giving myself two months with the course. Even though I could not achieve my target score on the main exam, e-GMAT courses gave me the confidence of scoring a certain minimum score of the verbal section.


1)The course literally takes all the three areas(SC,RC,CR), breaks them down into elementary pieces and then builds your skills from bottom to top.

2) Strategies for RC are explained in much more detail than any other blog/forum/course.

3) The way that the course approaches pre-thinking for CR questions is unique. It helped me a lot by improving my skills at quickly shortlisting 2 out of the 5 answers choices as candidates.

4) Detailed answers to all the questions, both from the course and from the OG, were a jackpot!

4) Scholarnium is a brilliant tool for practice. Both the quality and quantity of content in scholarnium is unmatched! I wish I would have started using this tool earlier (Started using it only two weeks before the exam).


1) Results of the answers to the questions that appear at the end of every video file are not a very good representation of your capabilities in that they use a very few questions to determine one's ability. For example, many times there would be just two questions at the end of a video file, and if I answer 1/2 wrong I would get to see strong statements such as 'With such a skill level, you might not be able to score in 30s in verbal'.

2) Text based solutions were as good as video based solutions. However, if given an option, I would bet my complete money on text based solutions because they are a huge time-saver! I request the team to make text based solutions for all the video based solutions as well.

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