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E-gmat Verbal Scholaranium Sentence Correction


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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E-gmat claims to have a huge pool of questions in the scholaranium for SC practice, but I must admit that most of these questions are not upto the mark. Out of some 180 odd questions dedicated to SC, the company claims that around 50-60 are of 700 level. But, these questions are not at all difficult. Once can pass through the entire set by knowing some typical rules like two independent clauses can't be connected by commas. These questions test rules that are rarely tested on the gmat. In my opinion, it is a good place to start if someone needs a good medium level questions to practice on. but in case, you want to up your game, then these would not suffice. Explanations are provided for all the questions, and I must admit that these are very detailed. You would not find such detailed explanations anywhere else. In my opinion, you should opt for the verbal scholoranium if you want to practice on some basic and medium level problems. Overall, I am satisfied with the product, but the product could have been improved considerably. The company could provide some more hard level problems based on concepts that are actually important from a GMAT perspective.

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