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This review is for: Magoosh Premium
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Admittedly, I went into the GMAT prep process a little cocky. As a former SAT/ACT tutor who coasted to great scores on pre-college tests, I didn't feel I needed comprehensive prep, especially considering that I am strong in verbal (which held true on the real test). So I went with Magoosh due to the price and my enjoyment of the videos in the demo.

Turns out I did need comprehensive math prep, and I honestly didn’t get it from Magoosh. (Honest disclosure: I bought the premium program, but I mainly used the math so this review reflects that usage.)

There are some excellent aspects of the program. The practice questions are good and the answer screen that reviews each is phenomenal. There is a video breakdown, text breakdown and links to instructional videos relevant to that problem. It also is easy to create custom practice sections and target broad question categories.

My only issue with the practice questions is that I ran out of difficult questions fairly quickly, so as the test approached I had to look elsewhere (I used GMAT Club questions which came free with this).

The instructional videos, however, were a bit lacking. The tab to view them is called “lessons” but really it’s just a long list of videos loosely organized by overarching principles. There was really no progression to follow through the course, and my biggest gripe was that after you watched a video, there was no way to ensure you could try practice questions testing that topic. You really need to be the kind of learner who can watch videos at length and benefit.

Further the functionality of skipping forward through videos is poor. I would frequently click multiple places on the progress bar to land at exactly the same spot. They do load quickly though.

All things considered if you need a solid bank of practice questions with great reviews and a bit of direction of what to study, this is a good buy. If you need a comprehensive prep course or a lot of work in one subject, I would spend more elsewhere. I'm going to after the fact. It's a great value at $200 but you get what you pay for.

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Yes - school of my dreams

This review is for: Amerasia Complete School Package
Consultant: Drew Hoff

After a poor experience with another consultant last year, I really wasn't planning to go any further than the free consultation with any company. Nonetheless, after my consultation with Drew, Amerasia's school DNA approach really resonated with me and I signed up for the single-school package to help with my Columbia reapplication.

One thing to know up front with Amerasia (at least in my experience) is that the majority of your contact with your consultant is via email. That worked great for me, but others might want more phone contact. We did have a very productive strategy call to start, though, which was followed up by a Columbia-specific “Strategy Memo.” The strategy memo is a very useful doc that breaks down the essay questions and weaves in lots of school-specific info about the idiosyncrasies of that school’s application process and preferences.

I knew that in my last application I had done a poor job connecting my accomplishments to transferable skills that would help accomplish my goals. However, Drew helped me realize that my short-term goal itself was a hindrance on my app. At my last consultant’s advice, I had gone with a VERY specific immediate post-MBA goal that would require a lot of networking outside of the standard MBA recruitment processes. At Drew’s advice, I switched this to a more traditional MBA recruitment job that was an equally logical progression towards my long-term goal. In addition, he was extremely helpful at making sure I made the connections between accomplishments and skills, often asking for 2 or 3 rounds of edits on a single story just to be sure that connection was made.

Finally, a great benefit of Amerasia is the included interview strategy prep. Once I was invited for an interview, Drew and I had a prep call in which we went over some frequent questions and practiced responses/stories that would stay within my overall app strategy.

All in all, it was a very positive experience that ultimately had the right outcome, as I was admitted to CBS.

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