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Hi there!!
I had been contemplating to write this post for quite some time now. And after putting in months of effort in preparations towards the GMAT, I believe this is the right time to share my views.
I believe that this review is likely to help you guys in deciding on a Quality prep course.
Firstly, I would present a brief background regarding my journey into prep for the GMAT. I took my GMAT on 15 Sep 15 and scored a 650(Q50, V 28), which was way below my target.
After days of self introspection, pondering what went wrong, I arrived at a number of facts that helped me to improve my performance consistently over the next few months in the Verbal section, without letting the guard down in the Quant.
The greatest reason for my respectable quant score was PRACTICE and ONLY PRACTICE. There is no greater GURU MANTRA to the fact that PRACTICE makes you PERFECT or at least pushes you to closer to your target score. The fact that I never felt comfortable with Verbal made me sway towards my stronger sections(Quant). Sometimes, I felt that I would rather attempt four Quant sections back to back rather than face one Verbal section. Thus, I inferred the only reason for my low Verbal Score was lack of practice.
I had read some great reviews for the E Gmat Verbal Live prep course and I chose the same as a companion in the prep journey. Looking back I feel that, it was a right decision to enroll for the course and the results seem much apparent now. Not only have I developed a stronger accuracy but also developed an understanding on the concepts tested. I strongly recommend the course to anyone out there contemplating on “which course to choose”. I recommend the course because of the following reasons:-
A) Concept Building. The course is very well structured and the concepts that are taught in the course do not leave any page unturned. At the end of the course one is equipped with all the ammunition one needs to attack the real test.

B) Live sessions. This is probably the most useful feature which help one bridge one’s gap in prethinking. These sessions add such an intangible skill to one’s approach to question that it cannot be over emphasized.

C) Scholorarium. This question bank is a resourceful tool that takes one further closer to a great score by ensuring adequate QUALITY practice.

D) Commendable customer support. The E-Gmat team is a great team. They were keen in addressing any issues faced by me in the quickest possible time. The company accords priority to students over business. So it has been a very satisfactory experience for me.

My last words of advice are as follows. Its true that Practice is important but it’s very important to remember that GMAT is a time bomb. Had one had an entire day, one would have scored a perfect 800. But working in time pressure is equally important. Therefore :-

(a) Practice to build accuracy first and not timing.
(b) Practice till prethinking becomes a second nature to you.
(c) If you are starting to prepare, don’t pick up “Wren and Martin”(I see many of my friends doing that). It’s a waste of time. The content of the course is adequate to get you to your dream score.
(d) Building concepts is as equally important as practice, so ensure that all gaps in your understanding are addressed before moving to scholorarium.
(e) Don’t let your guard down in your strongest areas. For example if you are good in Quant or Sentence correction, don’t stop practicing them but maintain your accuracy in those sections. You will realize that concentrating on your strengths will help you save time in the test for the difficult sections.
(f) Lastly, consistency is the key, practice daily and “Thou shalt fathom the unbelievable”

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