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Overall, I think Magoosh was the turning point in my studies. It was amazing to have over 1000 problems at my fingertips anywhere I went. On top of that, they were sortable by type and difficulty. If I wanted to practice hard probability problems, I could set up a session of exclusively that. This was extremely helpful towards the end of my studying when I knew my weaknesses and wanted to focus on just a few things.

Another great part is that the problems are pretty similar to the GMAT. The verbal was better (but less difficult) than the Veritas bank I also used, and the video explanations on ALL problems are worth their weight in gold. It's incredible that you can get that much information for so little money.

As long as you can stay motivated, Magoosh offers far more value than any other course out there. There are lessons covering the most basic topics, and video solutions to every problem on the site ranging from beginner to advanced. For less than $200, its an absolute steal and I highly recommend it.

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