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Being a second year applicant, I had already laid down my strategy and noted down my weak parts on the application. So, knowing that I needed work on my interview skills, I went on searching for an admission consultant. The search ended very quickly as just after I spoke with Katharine on the free 30-minute, I knew that she is the one I needed. And indeed I was right as she helped me a great deal and I had an amazing learning experience.

To start, Katharine consulted me for about 1 hour for free in the free 30 minute consultation. She, didn't just provide me the best consultation ever over that hour, but she also helped me out connect with people that can help me strengthen the application. This worked quite well for me as I got to connect with people from my country who have gone to schools that I was aiming at going at. And all this was even before I hired her. :)

Two months later, right after I got my first interview invite, I purchased Mock Interview Service with Katharine. The day I purchased it, she sent me a lot of materials to read about the interview, studied my application in detail and provided with ideas on how to construct my interview. She was great at identifying what might be considered as weak on my application and at what I should emphasize in the interview. After that I went on to sit on that and then did a introductory mock up interview that lasted well over 1 hour. Besides consulting me over the phone, she also took notes with feedback on improvement and sent them to me. The notes and feedback was just amazing. I studied them and prepared a schokingly great second mock up interview. I was amazed at how well I answered the many questions we practiced together. I became very confident on the things I was saying and loved the way I answered them. This turned out just great as she did not just help me out rock in one interview, but in all the others I received an invite on.

Aside from the mock up interview, Katharine also connected me with an amazing current student of the school I had to interview on. The current student met with me and gave me very valuable insight and information that were useful in the interview. He was a previous client of her.

Katharine, while not obliged to do it, she helped me out with the pre interview essay, the thank you note and finally with results and decisions well after the interview.

I highly recommend Katharine for the services she offers especially the mock up interview service as she indeed helped me truly get very confident on the interviews and got out of her way to help me out in all the steps. The best experience ever.

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