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My Struggle with Sentence Correction (V38 to V44)


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Sentence Correction has been my achilles in Sentence Correction.

I have always avoided studying SC, because I never knew where to start. In January I took my 1st Official test, 690 (Q46 V38) and although I am happy with the score, I know there is room for improvement.

I talked to my struggles to a current Haas student and he recommended to e-gmat. I decided to give the GMAT one more shot (looking to break 700) and enrolled in e-GMAT SC.

I like how the SC is organized, and the lessons seem intuitive and not that hard to follow. Spanish is my primary language, so my English fundamentals need practice.

My personal favorite feature is that each lesson is tied to real problems from the Original Guide, so as I'm learning new lessons, I feel more confident tackling real GMAT problems.

I recently took a GMAT Diagnostic test and got a 740 (Q49 V42). I credit e-gmat for breaking the V40 barrier. Over the Christmas break I'm going to re-watch the lessons to see how far more I can take my verbal score. I never thought that I could break V40, but now I can dream of getting a 43 or 44.

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