February 11, 2015

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e-GMAT became partner of choice


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I would like to set the background, in terms of who I am so that some of you can better co-relate.
->I am serving a role of Technical Architect with a reputed MNC with more than 10yrs of experience.
->Born in a remote corner of India.
->Worked more than 8 yr across world in US, UAE, Europe.
->English is not my mother tongue.

So why i took e-GMAT Verbal Online,
Does these questions sounds familier to you...
1. I can solve question if given ample amount of time.
2. My answer is right but i don't know why is this right.
3. Why other options are wrong.
4. I need to be atleast Einstein to solve this question :-). This verbal question went right over the head.
5. I have all the responsiblities in the world need anytime/anywhere detail access.

I knew since beginning but got confirmation after my first attempt 640 (Q51,V26) that I need to find answer to above question before I can expect to see 700+ score.

That's when after research on gmatclub i enrolled into e-GMAT. Please note I am still preparing and will be taking next attempt shortly in few months.
e-GMAT Verbal Online on its new platform offers.
1. Detailed analysis or question, not only why current answer is correct but also other options are wrong. (at times process of elimination works better)
2. A lot of things i learned experience, but experience takes time. In this course i learned all those things quickly such as cause effect relattionship and how it can be used in assumption, weakening and in strengthening question.
3. Learned short cut method to focus better and quickly for finding solution.
4. Best thing i learned is for the questions where i can zero on between 2 options, I can see improvements in selecting the correct options.
5. I can't join classes since my time is not fixed due to job, so e-Gmat's e-platforms works best for me giving me access anywhere.

I am sure i'll be coming back shortly with more detailed review and with my final score. I'm not going to settle till i get the best of me. My first attempt score is not my reflection for sure.

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