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Even though an Indian, I am don't have an IT background and didn't have stellar quant skills. In fact before TTP, I used to think that maybe I am inherently bad at maths. My quant score in my first mock was an abysmal 31. It was at that time that I realized that I needed professional help. I scoured the net for good online courses and chanced upon TTP. It had the best reviews and after taking the 5 day trial I was convinced about it's efficacy and chose the maximum learning plan (self study).

The aspects of TTP that appealed to me most:
a. Brilliant interface - simple and easy to access.
b. Guidance - they have a fixed sequence of chapters progression and a very systematic study plan - you never have to guess what to do next.
c. Depth - they don't presume any level of knowledge and start from the very basics, building a strong foundation.
d. Analytics - weak areas (in terms of chapters as well as sub topics within chapters) are highlighted and error types can be logged for future reference.
e. Cost - most value for money. At ~200-250$, TTP holds it's weight respectably among the most premium options.

Results: I consistently scored 48-49 in mocks and in the actual GMAT, scored 48.

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