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E-GMAT Online - All Inclusive GMAT Course

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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I took E-GMAT quant and verbal online course 6 months back while I was struggling to know what GMAT is all about.

E-GMAT Online course gave me a quick overview of what to expect in GMAT and How to tackle them. It comes with the Study plan session .I'd suggest all of you to go through the study plan videos and then start the course. It is a very systematic course which has been designed in such a way that even if you miss out on learning about some GMAT tips elsewhere, you'll find them in this course.
Apart from the Interactive video sessions, Scholaranium is one of the most useful tools which worked for me. Since I get very less time to prepare for GMAT in the evening after work, I used to solve the number of questions I was comfortable with. I could also choose the difficulty of the questions. That made me solve some questions every day. Which is very important while preparing for GMAT.
I haven’t given the GMAT yet, but I see myself improving. Thanks to E-GMAT.

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