December 24, 2020

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Course e-GMAT Online Intensive

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My journey with egmat started at the end of October when I had been waitlisted in 2 of my dream schools, and I knew that there was 1 factor in my application that I can change - the GMAT score. Needless to mention, I was already aware of the great work e-gmat had been doing, because I had attended a few of their webinars, and found them very conducive.
The numero uno step was to deduce the right strategy. Because I was already at a 730, getting into the top 1 percent required me to be cognizant of my exact strengths and weaknesses. One call with the e-GMAT GMAT strategist and I was all set. The sigma-x mocks do a wonderful job in simulating the exact areas where you lagged behind, the areas where you spent more amount of time than you should have. And all of these analytics helped me form a base plan to achieve a minimum of 20 point increase in my score within 30 days.
The concept files of Quant and Verbal are amazing, extremely detailed and helped me identify the areas where I wasn't sure of my concepts. The scholaranium is huge, vast and has a number of filters that delve deep into sub-sections and difficulty levels, and allows us to practise exactly the problems that we significantly are weak at. Doubt clearances are all round the clock, and the solutions are extremely detailed.
Overall, the best value for money, and I highly recommend the course to every test taker who wishes to ace the GMAT.

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