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I did get V40 and V41 in my first two attempts at GMAT. So why did I still go for e-GMAT online verbal course? Because I got only a V36 in my third attempt and knew I had to seriously improve my consistency at the verbal section. My low score on the 3rd attempt also showed that there are important fundamentals that I needed to strengthen on.

The systematic approach that e-GMAT teaches you on each of the sections gave me the ultimate framework to approach the verbal section.
I read the Manhattan SC book 4 times. But e-GMAT still managed to teach me new knowledge on SC.
For RC and CR, the famous pre-thinking approach lives up to its reputation for me. I didn't use any specific framework for these questions in my first 3 attempts. As such, when I first learnt about it, it did take me a longer time to answer the questions. But with practice, it started to become second-nature to me and helped improve my accuracy.

But learning is not enough. You also need a lot of practice. Having exhausted other free exercise materials, I was desperately in need of new questions. The fact that e-GMAT comes with its Scholaranium question bank was a crucial factor for me to pick e-GMAT. The questions are of high quality. And the analytics and flexibility it offers turned out to be truly helpful with my preparation.

For Quant, what I wanted was more difficult questions for practice. The fact that the e-GMAT Verbal Online prep comes with access to GMATCLUB Quant Practice Tests was definitely icing on the cake for me.

I highly recommend e-GMAT verbal online course.

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