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Clear course structure and ensured improvement

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As a preliminary point, I would like to thank E-GMAT for their amazing support and the opportunity to extend my subscription till my GMAT date free of charge!

I have always been struggling with the GMAT and after a discouraging score (in the mid-500s) in my first official GMAT, I decided to attack my weak areas. I started off with a verbal score of V25 and had an ongoing problem to solve CR and RC questions in a timely manner. Not only did I not use a methodical approach to tackle CR and RC questions but also unnecessarily reread parts of an argument or passage several times. As a result, I ended up entangled in a medley of words and phrases I just couldn’t get the gist of. Long story cut short, it was continuous battle to cope with mid-hard difficulty questions and I couldn’t see an increase in my verbal score.

Determined to improve my score, I searched for proven ways to improve and took notice of the e-GMAT verbal course. Consistently positive reviews on GMAT forums and a comparably reasonable price reinforced my decision to give the course a try. I purchased the complete course including quant prep (wanted to hone my math skills further as well) and jumped right into it. Though my focus has been on verbal since then, the quant section was quite interesting and offered many methodical ways to efficiently and accurately solve 700-level-questions. -> A definitive recommendation!

As far as the verbal course is concerned, the course is very well structured and gives you a clear-cut course right at the beginning. While going through the Master Comprehension part I was able to immediately detect my “failure points” – the reason why I couldn’t grasp the meaning was simply that I employed the obviously wrong reading strategies. Moreover, the course gave me the required insights to analyze my mistakes and overcome the most common pitfalls. Now I understand why apparently correct and enticing answer choices are fundamentally incorrect – something I could not properly understand while studying on my own.

All in all, I have spent the last 6 months part-time (due to work) going through the concept files and diligently practicing in Scholaranium (e-GMAT’s practice and analysis section). I have not retaken the actual GMAT yet, but my practice tests scores in the verbal section have gone significantly up (my best score was V37 till now) and I’m confident to improve a little further (perhaps I can break the V40? :) ).

Therefore, I can in good conscience recommend the courses offered by e-GMAT especially if you have a hard fight to improve your verbal score and/or looking forward to boosting your quant score to Q50.

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