January 27, 2019

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I took the Gmat for the 1st time in Aptil 2016, in the person vue center located at Rabat,
The test center is located in Agdal which is in the very center f the city, very easy to be reached, where we have at least 4 means of public transports to come to it .
The test room is in the ground floor, so you can be really shelter from any external noise. The room comprises almost 12 positions , which means that 12 candidate can take the test simultaneaously .
Ii took the gmat again on 2017 in the same center , but Did not get the score that would have allowed me to apply to my selection of Schools,

I would recommand that test center, and I would take the Gmat in mid 2019 in that test again, I really hope that this time , the test center comply with me ( =D ) and ace my gmat score

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