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Needed to start from 0 on Quant, Magoosh was ideal


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When I started studying for the GMAT I simply started by doing loose questions on the official GMAT website. I realized I had a lot of work to do on quant and just needed practice for verbal. I looked at a few different websites and Magoosh offered a nice free trial, so I started that and saw some of the available video lessons and I realized that was exactly what I needed: concise videos that explain all the math theory in a very clear way that is extremely specific to the GMAT. I watched all their math video lessons. During my first week I took an official practice test and scored Q39 V38 (640) and I improved up to scoring Q49 in my fifth week. Took the official exam the Monday after (so in my 6th week) and scored Q47. Magoosh was essential for me because it taught me how to simply and quickly solve basically everything on the test, aside from the most difficult questions which you always gotta figure out yourself.

The only way I studied for verbal was by looking at video explanations under the questions that I got wrong. These are very well made because they teach you patterns to look for, so you become quicker and more accurate in verbal too just by looking at video explanations. Magoosh is very worth it. I have not used other services, so I do not know how it compares, but Magoosh is great.

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