January 12, 2012

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Course e-GMAT Online Focused

Location Online

a. Pros

i. Great for SC - It is an excellent resource for preparing for SC, especially for someone like me who was stuck at 33. The process explained in application files really works. The process is reinforced in all these files since all questions are solved using this method.

ii. Extremely Detailed - The course is very detailed, almost as detailed as MGMAT SC, but a lot more practical.

iii.Great for CR too - Even though I was pretty good with CR, this course help me improve the confidence and brought the next level of clarity. In fact it employs some extremely unique features in paradox and bold face concepts.

iv. Flexibility- I could access lessons anywhere and anytime. (But I missed seeing a live person here. Yes I did miss Jen here)

v. Easy to get questions answered - It is easy to post doubts in the forum and best thing is that we get responses pretty quick and that too from the course creators.

b. Cons

i. Does not offer complete GMAT course. It only offers SC and CR. It does not even cover complete verbal course since it does not have RC.

ii. Forums are not as convenient as BTG forum. But I did bring this up with them and they understood the shortcomings. Hopefully they will do something about it.

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