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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I purchased this course after reading some positive reviews from people who struggled with gmat verbal part. As non- native speaker, I faced the same problem where I couldn’t improve my score even though I tried some over test provider’s material. Once I purchased the package, to be honest I was a bit skeptical as I thought I won’t have enough time to review all the material but I have to admit I was totally wrong! The way e-gmat explains sentence correction was really helpful, emphasizing on the meaning and explaining each topic in detail with post assessments quizzes, which helped to apply what you learn in practice. CR was helpful to identify where I was making mistakes, I found out that assumption questions are the ones which I was constantly getting wrong, e-gmat explained really well how to approach each question type on CR. Reading comprehension was the hardest one for me but in this course e-gmat explains very well how to break the passage and what is important to note once you reading it. RC section helped me to improve my timing and better understanding how to read unfamiliar topics and stay focus (active reading). After I finished the course, I used e-gmat new software –scholaranium, which came with the e-gmat online package. The software provides great analysis of your verbal performance; you can customize your quizzes by topic, difficulty level and etc. After each quiz explanations are very detail, I really like RC how they provide analysis of the passage!

To conclude this review I would like to say that if are non-native speaker and struggle to understand gmat verbal part this course is definitely worth your time and money! If I knew this at the very begging of my gmat journey I would have saved a lot of time!

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