December 27, 2018

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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I finally wrapped up my GMAT last week. My verbal score is V36 - 5 points jump from my previous V31. The only thing that was different between these two attempts was my subscription to eGMAT's live classes for Verbal. Its hard to say much what has not been said about this amazing Verbal course, specially the SC section is top notch. I come from a background where I was not fortunate enough to have had any formal training in comprehension, grammar or structure of a sentence, The SC section is so amazingly designed, structured and detailed - one is sure to improve his/her accuracy and timing if follows the 3 step eGMAT process diligently. To top it all, you get to analyze your performance, pin point your weaknesses, and target them on Scholarinium. This platform is enough to get you to speed once you are comfortable with 3 step process learned from various modules of the course. In conclusion, the Verbal course of eGMAT is worth every penny you will spend in this rather long and exhausting MBA admission process.

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