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Hi GMAT learners

I am delighted to share my wonderful experience with e-GMAT Verbal course.

I took the GMAT test in Dec 2014. Though I had 4 months to prepare, I was stuck in the Verbal section for the first 3 months. I had used many types of text books that people recommend but the problem is the knowledge and skills in those books are not well connected. When I had only 30 days left to the test, feeling so panik, I decided to change the way I approach in order to improve my Verbal.

E-GMAT comes by chance when I was searching on GMAT club forum. I was hooked immediately by the trial course, and within few minutes I purchased the Verbal Course without hesitation.

I must say that all of previous 3 months can not compare with only 1 month I had with the course. I attend Online Seminar about how to get 700 in 30 days, and after that I started to follow the Studying plan strictly. By the way, I am working full time so my time to study is very limited, and most of the time I did not follow my own schedule. But with E-GMAT shedule, very very structurelized and well-developed, I can follow it easily.

To me, SC section is better than books. It's very well written even for though who has so many mistakes in SC like me. I found my weaknesses in SC can be fixed just after 15 days with eGMAT.

Since I did not have so much time, the rest 10 days was for CR. Before that my CR accuracy was just 50% but after I found the unique approach in the course, I can tackle any question with 70% accuracy. In the real test, it means a lot. I became more confident in CR with the "can-do" attitude which I did not feel sure before.

I got my 690 at the very first attempt. To many people, it is just a humble score. But to me, it's a lot of difference. Surprise me the most is that, now 5 months after the test, I can almost back to the course again to aim at higher score and still remember the core content of the course. E-GMAT helps me achieve real knowledge and skills that you don't have to take time to learn by heart. It becomes one part of your thinking already.

Thanks eGMAT team for creating such a great program. Definitely recommend to any GMAT takers!

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