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I am non native speaker and as with most of the non native speakers was struggling in improving my ability in the verbal section.
In quants i could easily score a 48-49 but in verbal always stuck in 30.
I tried improving on verbal by keeping an error log but with time it got cumbersome and was struggling to organize my preparation process.
Phew! then came Scholaranium to my rescue.
Egmat scholaranuim exactly provided me the platform to track my progress and improve upon my weak areas.
It provides an option to track your abilities areas wise thereby making it easier to focus on weak areas.
The content structure and the audio visual UI are also designed to make the learning easier.
Modifiers in SC and the prethinking concept in CR are very helpful in getting your core skills right. The probability that i get a modifier question right has greatly improved.
In addition to this they have free live sessions irrespective of the course taken which was also helpful to me.
Coming to the Cons,
There is no option yet to reattempt all the incorrect answers.
This is something that i see could be added as an extra feature.

i am yet to give my GMAT after takign this course but enrolling in this course has definitely fine tuned my preparation process.

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