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I had about 7 weeks to study for the GMAT (a lot less time than I wanted, but I had upcoming deadlines and other responsibilities), and I definitely don’t consider myself a quant person. I took a practice GMAT and scored a 560, which was depressing, but it gave me a baseline to work from.

I initially tried the MGMAT books but felt that they lacked an interactive, multi-sensory component, so I dropped that in favor of Magoosh. Though I think Magoosh is an interesting program, it basically just throws example after example at you in the form of videos, and I don’t think the concepts get reinforced.

Frustrated, I decided to look at reviews on BeatTheGMAT and GMATClub, and that’s where I first heard of TTP (the reviews were quite compelling). Since they offered a free trial, I decided to give it a chance. At first, I was overwhelmed with just how massive the study plan is, but I quickly realized that the program is setup extremely methodically, from the very basics of addition all the way through to every testable concept on the quant section. The provided quick study notes and the 15 page formula guide were fantastic additions that helped reinforce the concepts of each chapter.

About halfway through my studying, I realized that there were still gaps in some of my foundational knowledge, so I hired Jeff, one of the heads of TTP, to do a couple of extended tutoring sessions. He was able to reinforce some of the concepts I was struggling with and exposed others that I thought I knew well — in reality, I had comprehension gaps in several areas, and Jeff pushed me hard to dig deeper and really understand the concepts in and out.

I decided to push my test back by a week and dug even deeper to give my all to studying. I took the test on the last possible day before an international work trip, and I was stunned to receive a 670… in less than 2 months, I’d improved my score more than 100 points!

Ultimately, I got in to Darden’s GEMBA program with a scholarship, and I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to TTP and Jeff for taking me from completely quant-naive to confident in such a short period of time. I wholeheartedly recommend both TTP and Jeff.

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