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Database with more than 400 questions on verbal and 600 on quant. The Magoosh lessons are really useful in solving verbal questions, a part which I have difficulty tackling. The questions do help a lot in reviewing the different strategies that are highlighted in the lessons.

Although I'm not a native speaker, I consider myself very fluent in English. However, to score high in GMAT, you really have to learn from the basics again, because most of us (including native speakers) make a lot of mistakes when we speak. It is hard if you don't understand what GMAT considers right and wrong.

I don't have a problem with quant, didn't really make a very good use of the quant questions that Magoosh offers. But I do find the questions very similar to the ones I see in GMAT. The level of difficulty is just right if you would like to score well on GMAT.

I would advise future test takers who also have a problem in verbal like me to go through all the lessons first, make sure you take note of the strategies they emphasized, and keep practicing daily by answering questions.

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