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I had taken GMAT in October 2016 and got an overall score of 680(Q50, V32). I must say that the improvement on my score should be attributed to the way e-GMAT kept me confident and comfortable throughout my preparation.
When I took my first mock from GMATPrep, I ended up with a score of 600(Q-50, V-22), which highlighted my weakness at key concepts in SC and CR. While I was able to ace Quant without external preparation, the same can’t be said about Verbal. As a non-native English speaker, I was desperate to push my verbal score by at least 32 in order to reach 700(Q51 V32 can fetch you 700), which was my target score. After going through a myriad of reviews on GMAT Club, I was convinced that I should enroll for e-GMAT Verbal Online course, and I must say it was a great decision in my short journey of preparation.
To begin with, I enjoyed the way e-GMAT covered the fundamentals of Grammar (for SC). Each and every concept in grammar is taught logically aided by relatable illustrations. During my course of preparation, I felt that e-GMAT not only debunked the myths surrounding a lot of concepts but also helped me to unlearn and relearn things that were taught incorrectly at school. Moreover, at the end of each lesson, the concepts are summarized in a nutshell that helped me big time as I am naturally bad at taking notes. Concepts, such as Modifiers and Parallelism, are cleared with ease through the documents that they provide along with the audio/video material.
In addition to SC, I lacked skills in solving hard CR questions especially the ones that are based on Strengtheners and Assumptions. Fortunately, e-GMAT teaches it to you beautifully through a test called Negation that leads you to the assumption. Similarly, e-GMAT brings out different concepts such as pre-thinking and variance analysis in order to get to the understanding in detail. Along with these materials, you have Scholaranium that provides you the flexibility to create custom quizzes (I needed them for SC and CR), which can be used efficiently to track your ability (not just accuracy) throughout your preparation. Moreover, I found that these questions had a high correlation with the questions in GMATPrep, and hence I resorted only to GMATPrep for my Mocks (unlike MGMAT). I scored 660 and 670 in the mocks written days before the exam. I was not moving ahead as my Quant score was stuck at 5o.
During the actual GMAT, I breezed through the Quant section, and in fact, I completed the section with over 15 minutes on my clock. I had even hopes of touching 51 this time. In the verbal, I felt that I was sailing in smooth waters till question number 25. A super-hard RC struck me badly, and I had less than 5 minutes for my last five questions. I rushed through those questions, and I still believe they reduced my score by at least 3 points. When I submitted my exam, I saw 680 flashing on my screen (Q50 V32). Even though I didn’t reach 700, I made a great improvement within a short span of time.
Finally, I would like to thank e-GMAT for pushing my score close to my target. I hope this review would be helpful for non-natives who seek betterment in Verbal. e-GMAT is here for you!
All the very best for your preparations!

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