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Every journey is different. After procrastinating for several weeks at the start of 2021, I finally purchased the E-GMAT course. I believe self-study doesn't work in most cases for students aiming for a 720+ score.

A few friends endorsed the product as they had scored fantastic scores after taking the online course. Like many before me, I had my doubts whether an online delivery will be sufficient for my prep. Thankfully, the doubt resolution turnaround time is <24 hours and I was improving my concepts along with the prep.

Allow me to share the key differentiators of the course and I hope this honest review will help readers make the right choice.

- The SC course is very comprehensive! (takes the longest to complete). It is hard to get OG questions wrong after going through the course

- CR course focuses on pre-thinking - something that works magically on the real test

- Quant 2.0 is a life savior. E-GMAT until recently was known only for their verbal course but the team has revamped the entire quant section. It is fun to learn Quants in the course.

- The dark horse is their question bank - called Scholaranium 2.0. One will not find ambiguous explanations or tricky questions in Schol - something I noticed in practice questions of many test prep companies.

- I got an unimpressive 610 on my first mock. This is after I had put in 3 months of study. I was naturally devastated. I emailed the support team and got in touch with a mentor.

- Enter DJ from Egmat team: This review cannot be complete without mentioning the support of their chief mentor - Dhananjay (or DJ as how many call him). DJ helped me when I wasn't doing so well. He is a nice guy who will take you seriously! He evaluates the problems at the nuts-and-bolts level and gives out strategies to work on weak areas. We exchanged countless emails and got in a few calls to cross off my weak areas. So thank you DJ for my GMAT journey.

So anyone out there who is convinced to apply for a B-school should just opt for the E-GMAT course. Just remember, no course can really really help you unless you put in the effort first :)

- The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.

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