May 10, 2016

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Excellent Test Center


I chose to take the test at Mumbai center because I have heard good things about the center, and how well organized everything is in the center. My exam time was at 10 AM and arrived there around 9:30 AM.
This test center is a great place to take the test. The staff is courteous, and the place is not very difficult to find. The exam center is very quiet. During the exam, I experienced no issues and everything went flawlessly. No outside noise, very peaceful place, nice restroom facilities to freshen up. Good locker facilities. There are about 15-16 exam computers with cubicles sort (if I remember correctly). You are also provided an option to use earplugs or overhead headphones (not very useful for noise cancellation but still helpful). If I take the exam, I would choose a center like this Pearson center. Highly recommend it. Make sure not to forget your passport and some good snacks :). All the best.

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