September 21, 2021

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710 Q49 V37

Great content and practice.


Improvement 70 Points

Course e-GMAT Online 360

Location Online

Content was great for both Verbal and Quant. I was more interested in Quant because I didn't recall any of the concepts, and really needed a good coverage, and eGMAT definitely delivered, brining my Quant from baseline of 39 to 49.
The Verbal course was also really though rough in teaching concepts, and it made me realise that there were quite a few things that I was unaware of - especially in the Sentence Correction bit.
Also, they have a near-endless question bank which provides the required practice (Scholaranium).
I did at times feel lost because eGMAT strategy guidance is given purely through email, and that form of communication feels very impersonal and is problematic for me because I tend to get a lot more information if I'm talking with someone. However, it was not too much of a hassle, I was able to relate to and apply at least 50% of the given strategy advice, which helped me on my journey.

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December 22, 2021

Hey iamkulk,

Congratulations on scoring a 710 on the GMAT. However, since I worked with you post this attempt – I know you improved your Verbal score to a V42 too! I only wish your Quant score did not dip to a Q46. (Perhaps you got a little unlucky there)

Thank you Email Screen:

But let’s go back to how you improved from a Q39 on your first Mock in July to a Q49 on the test – now that’s a 10-point quant improvement in just 2 months! What is phenomenal is how accurately you could predict your own success by looking at your Scholaranium dashboard, when you compare this to your accuracy on the GMAT – it’s almost identical!

Accuracy Prediction:

Not just this but the diligence with which you did the entire Quant 2.0 course was visible in your perfect scores on one of NP’s hardest topics – Divisibility & Remainders.

NP Course Stats:

I hope your experience before the Last Mile Program and after it was fruitful. I wish you all the best for your applications.