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When I started my GMAT preparation, I was consistently hitting 49-50 on the Quant but Verbal was bit of a handicap as I was struggling to go past the 30 mark in the early days.

I went through countless forums as I was hellbent on scoring a 700+ which was only possible with a target of 35+ on the Verbal. Being a non-native, I needed a course which understood my problems. After reading about e-GMAT, I thought of giving it a try. I first enrolled only for sentence correction course, and within 15-20 days my accuracy on SC was hitting 80% consistently. Within a month of the course , I could barely get SC questions wrong with accuracy hitting 90+ %. The presentations and practice quizzes were a great boost and also the UGE files just kept my flow going till the GMAT.

I knew that I needed one more strong section on the verbal besides SC. Because of the good experience with SC, I also enrolled for CR Course. CR Course on e-GMAT focuses a lot on pre-thinking which is one thing that I was lacking on initially. But I finally started working on CR questions confidently and my accuracy increased from 65% to around 80%.

With two strong sections on the Verbal, I didn't wait and went ahead to give my GMAT. With all the careful planning, I hit a 710 with split of Q50,V37 .

Thanks to eGMAT majorly. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants great results in short time. This course is specially great for non-natives.

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