June 15, 2015

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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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After a first attempt with 26 in verbal,i signed up again for GMAT and decided to avail some online courses this time.While i was doing my research,two of my friends vouched strongly for e-GMAT.So I joined in Verbal online course offered by e-GMAT.By this time i have already completed Manhattan SC guide and all the questions in OG but still couldnt figure out what i was missing.

e-GMAT's explanation for each area in SC and CR was exceptionally good.The application of knowledge gained was also explained very well.Their unique approach SC answering approach is of great help.I was able to improve my score from 26-34 in my second attempt.

I purchased their Quans course as well and it is of immense help .I can see the difference in my approach to previously dreaded problems.I am taking my exam next month and will definitely update on my Quans improvement hopefully.

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