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Best Prep Course out there for GMAT QUANT !!


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Course Target Test Prep Flexible Prep

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My GMAT journey has been a tumultuous one to say the least. I started my first GMAT way back in 2013 and finally achieved a decent enough score in 2017.

I got a 680 last year, was not happy with it mainly due to the Quant score a 47 (65 percentile). It was soul crushing; not because my verbal was brilliant but coming from a finance back ground who always scored high in math- it was once again I repeat ‘soul crushing’!

After much deliberation and 2/3 rejected applications I decided to give my last and final GMAT in 2017, the whole game plan then was to score a good score- 700 plus with a definite improvement in QUANT. Problem was I had no idea how to go about it and this was back in June-17, my exam was scheduled for 5-Aug-17. I barely had time considering the work pressure and the constant travelling. I stumbled upon Target Test Prep purely by chance, was reading one of the success testimonials of a candidate on BEATTHEGMAT (forgot the user name). He had been in the same predicament and TTP had helped him get to his goal and he had mentioned it was only a $ for a 5 day trial and pointed out that if anyone liked a structured chapter by chapter study course TTP was the one. I read more on TTP and found great reviews on BEATTHEGMAT.

Decided that a dollar was worth a gamble and what a gamble that turned out!
I was hooked right after day 1! They have three options based on the access duration. Per month $ 69, 4 months- $ 199 and 6 months access- $ 279. Being short on time I opted for the monthly access plan.
TTP has a great teaching format. They have a clear study plan outlined for you and with chapters broken up into groups. You do each chapter review with supporting sums and the best part is their explanation! Jeff and Scott shines in this area- they have an audio visual explanation for each practice sum! This is followed by chapter tests that are broken down by levels of difficulty. The number of sums at their disposal is just mind blowing. After each chapter my confidence grew, even if I didn’t score the best. That was mainly cause of the explanation, they clearly highlighted the pit falls and the traps laid out in those sums and I genuinely learnt from my mistakes(a first for me). I reached a point that in the Hard level tests I would wish to get some questions wrong purely to figure out if I missed any traps in the questions answered (delusional of me I know).

The D-day arrived, I wrote the test clicked on result and voila I see a 50 in Quant- 87 percentile. Of course overall wasn’t great as my verbal dipped to a 35 (was sooo hoping for a 720/730).
Came out of the exam center with mixed feelings but as far as TTP was concerned they rocked and I couldn’t thank them enough. The course was instrumental in beating my Quant Dragon! If you like a structured learning plan that helps you track your progress and with the advantage you can open and do it anywhere – TTP is the course for you. I loved it and would highly recommend it.
I don’t know where I land post the admissions cycles but this course was for me a score changer!

(I understand my credentials are open to question specifically since I haven’t got a lot of posts but I was a genuine student of TTP [an ACA/CPA by profession], if you feel like pinging me for further queries pls feel free to PM).

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