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Nice to know the basics correct


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Course e-GMAT Online Focused

Location Online

EGmat provides good and economical verbal program.
Product covers verbal concepts required for GMAT.
Material is enough and adequate to just know the basics correct,though it can be a bit exhaustive.For non native speakers this product provides knowledge that can act as backbone for your sentence correction.
Concepts were explained like teaching kids at elementary level, so they are hard coded in your memory.
It has a nice ,user friendly interface accessible from all browsers.
The course videos are just too good. For the first time I was able to look at the question know what’s wrong and mark the answer straight away. This saved a lot of time. It basically showed me how to find the mistakes and how to correct them without even looking at the choices
Their 3 step process (Meaning analysis, Error Analysis, Options Analysis) I learned though the course makes SC seem more easier task to handle, and most importantly their approach gave me confidence to tackle SC.

EGMAT also provides you with forums where you can post your queries ,which are answered by experts.

Further suggestion for EGMAT would be to launch a advanced verbal course which can be used once user completes basic courses.

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