February 16, 2014

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e-GMAT CR and SC helped me improve from verbal 16 to 35


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I took my GMAT last year and scored a disastrous 540. My verbal score was 16. I mostly relied on my ear to catch errors in GMAT SC and on my gut feeling to catch errors on GMAT Cr sections. After my dismal performance in my first attempt I took some time out and analyzed my performance.

First I analyzed my quant preparation. Though I am good at basics, I fail at application in an GMAT exam. So I went through the GMAT club forum and found some useful tips to improve in GMAT quant above 40.
As I am a non-native, I am week in the verbal section of GMAT. I found from many reviews of non-native members of GMAT club who breached the 700 barrier of GMAT that e-GMAT helped them on the verbal part. First I checked out their free lessons to check if they suited my style of learning. After exhausting all the free lessons I am convinced that the e-GMAT course will help me to improve in my verbal score, I signed up for their verbal online course.
I am planning to take the GMAT again in March. After going through the e-GMAT verbal online course, I am constantly scoring over 35-40 in my mocks--I have improved my verbal score from 16 to 35-40 range. This improved my confidence and made me believe that I, too, can cross the coveted 700 mark on the GMAT.
e-GMAT has great Sentence Correction tutorials. The different levels of tests helped me judge my performance from time to time. Examples varying from basics to the most advanced SC concepts helped me understand the various types of errors in sentences.
The sentence-correction course is great for non-natives. e-GMAT's 3-step approach for sc and their emphasis on importance of meaning in sc solving helped me to approach GMAT sc in a organized way which I was missing before.
I highly recommend the e-GMAT course for non-natives who are struggling on the verbal part of the GMAT.

Thank you e-GMAT!!

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