April 19, 2019

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Harshad is Amazing

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Working with Harshad throughout the application process was extremely rewarding. I had a very unique and difficult timeline/situation, but Harshad worked with me through it all and supported me during each phase of the process. Harshad is an amazing storyteller; he was able to bring out my best qualities and help me put them into words to show the AdCom what I could bring to a program. He is able to do this because he takes the necessary time to get to know his clients and he is a diligent listener. Harshad was not just interested in my professional background; he cared about what motivated me, he asked questions about my family, my childhood, everything. Personally, my favorite aspect of Harshad was his honesty. As someone who did not have much time to waste, I really appreciated his direct approach--it showed me how much he cared about the quality of my applications and that he knew the quality of work I was capable of.

With the help of Harshad, I was able to land 4 admits to top 10 schools and I know for a fact that I would not be where I am today without him. I signed up with Harshad thinking of him as a consultant, and I am leaving the process thinking of him as a friend. Thank you, Harshad!

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