January 14, 2022

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Accepted to HBS and Wharton!


I made the decision to apply only to HSW this year, fully aware of the risk involved and ready to re-apply the following year if I had to (spoiler: I don't!). Coming from a family business background, with strong hard stats but weaker extracurriculars, I wanted to find the right admissions consultant to help guide me through the process. I did my homework and interviewed about 10 of the top MBA admissions consultants.

Alex quickly differentiated himself from the rest. In the free 30-minute consultation, he took the time to understand my background and motivations for applying to business school, and gave a thoughtful and honest assessment of my candidacy. He completely understood my school list and was ready to help me succeed. The other consultations I took were either a sales pitch, or they tried to talk me into applying to 3 or 4 other schools. Alex's process of working 1-on-1 with each applicant also stood out, as many of the top admissions coaches are often volume shops that pass you on to a more junior consultant.

Working with Alex made the application process so much smoother - and dare I say enjoyable! He started with a comprehensive questionnaire about my life and background that served as groundwork for many of my essays and short responses. His career goals exercise was so useful for me to better understand my goals - I felt like even if I didn't get into business school, I had a lot more clarity on my career path. He also encouraged me to take my HBS essay in a more personal direction than I otherwise would have, and I strongly believe this essay helped me stand out and secure an interview. There's a lot of noise online about the application process and essay writing, and Alex's guidance cuts through all of that. I felt confident that I had put my best foot forward when hitting submit on my applications.

Alex's interview prep was invaluable. I was extremely nervous about this stage of the process, and the mock HBS interview helped me understand what to expect and where I could improve. Alex is not shy about giving direct feedback and always told me what I needed to hear, even when it wasn't easy to hear. It's clear that he has deep insight into what adcoms are "looking for" and how to present the best version of yourself.

I'd recommend Alex without reservation. He will coach you through the admissions process with humor, calming energy, and honest feedback. I'm excited to join the HBS class of 2024, and I couldn't have gotten here without him!

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