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eGMAT helped me with less than a month until test


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I decided to apply to HBS about 2 months before the deadline and knew nothing about MBA or GMAT.

Studied for a month (about 80 hours) based on free resources, using weekend mocks to define each week study plan. Felt like I was running after my own tail, scores going down, feeling frustrated. Was probably missing the basics and how to best approach questions.

Decided on August 2nd to hire eGMAT, because all resources were already there and I could set my own pace.
I really liked the comprehensive way each content was organized and I could learn how to identify types of questions and how to best approach them. At first, it might seem you are dedicating much time on one thing, but it does pay off. I had rushed for a month and that did not help me at all.

I took a lot of notes and focused on what was most critical for me, because I had very few time (26 days between hiring eGMAT and test date). I really wish I had had the time to go through the whole content in the platform because it was an enjoyable experience and the more I studied the better my scores got. I stutied about 120 hours during second month.

Here is my track record

Mock 1 July 6th 600 (Q36, V36) - GMAT official (feeling ok)
Mock 2 July 10th 660 (Q44, V36) - Manhatan (feeling happy)
Mock 3 July 25th 660 (Q43,V37) - Manhatan (feeling worried)
Mock 4 August 2nd 620 (Q39, V35) - eGMAT (feeling terrible but still have some time) - this was the day I hired eGMAT
Mock 5 August 9th 620 (Q41, V34) - eGMAT (feeling I'm not gonna make it in time - 19 days before test)
Mock 6 August 16th 720 (Q45, V44) - GMAT official (feeling super happy but why wasnt this the real one)
Mock 7 August 23rd 680 (Q45, V38) -eGMAT (don't like the score but under the impression I do better in GMAT official tests than the courses')
Mock 8 August 26th 700 (Q40, V44) eGMAT
Real thing August 29th 730 (Q48, V 42)

Thank you for your help! I loved the platform and could always reach you via email to ask questions about my study plan, how to use the platform, how to interpret mocks, etc.

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