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I think the perceptions will vary from one person to another in choosing a course - live online course, classroom teaching ..etc. On the other hand, there are quite a few who will NOT prefer a course at all.

I took the Manhattan live online course (don't ask me why -:)). So my comments

1. You must have already heard this - Some of the Manhattan study guides are exceptional - Sentence Correction, Number properties, Word translations Equations, Inequalities & VICs. Even if you don't take the course, you may need these guides (if you weak in certain areas such as Sentence Correction).

2. The main purpose of any online course or classroom coaching in general is to make any person preparing for the GMAT systematic. There is some homework given, you know what you need to do each week. Manhattan mainly focuses on completing the official guide. Study Guides
separate question types of OG according to each topic, which makes it easy to understand our weakness, clear, our basics etc.

3. There are other things given along with the course.
Math Challenge set
Official Guide general, OG Verbal, OG math,
Practice exams - Cambridge review - 3, Manhattan GMAT - 3

4. Instructors are good, polite and patient.

I think I have said more than required -:). Any course is another good helper aid in getting us closer to our target score. Bottom-line, it depends a lot on how you prepare and how much you practice if you want to reach a score of 700+ or 750+.

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