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TTP teaches you quant inside out


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I started with TTP after my first GMAT attempt, a 670 Q44 V38. I was about 2.5 months of intense studying in and had reached a plateau at Q43/44, a level I was stuck on for about a month. I was rigorously studying, did plenty of exercises, studied the explanations, kept a detailed error log, tried to learn how to triage to know which questions to let go, but it did not help.

After my exam I sat down and researched different courses on GMAT CLUB. Seeing the amazing reviews of TTP I decided to sign up.

I did not do the accelerated learning path but started fresh. Instead, after each chapter, I did about 35-50% of the exercises and then moved on. After about 3 weeks I finished the course and then did 2 more weeks of running through the difficult sections again and doing practice sets with only Medium and Hard questions I did not see before (note I took a week off from work).

I retook the GMAT and scored a 720 with a Q47. Even though I improved significantly, I was disappointed since I was consistently scoring Q49 in my official GMAC practice test. Anyway this score did get me in in one of the top schools so I decided to let it go :-)

TTP is so incredibly good because the GMAT is not just about knowing the formulas, but about knowing the formulas from left to right, right to left, top to bottom, etc. Furthermore you need to be able to combine formulas from different sections and again know all the cases. TTP goes in depth and teaches you each and every link/shortcut there is to know.

With TTP solving most of the problems became a routine allowing to solve accurate and fast. For the first time was able to complete the test without having to skip questions because I was behind on time. Instead, I was ahead of the clock the whole exam and even spent about 4 minutes on a difficult problem. To me this was a huge difference since prior I always had to let go of certain questions but doing so is incredibly difficult imo. Some tough looking questions turn out to be easy after spending 60-90 seconds on them (finding the shortcut) while some easy looking questions turn out to be time consuming because of lengthy and many math steps.

TTP took away the distraction of having to worry about the clock and instead allowed me to focus all my attention on the actual problems for 62 minutes straight. It's an incredible course.

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