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Worth every penny !!
May 06 | 2013
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After giving a couple of attempts at GMAT (650 and 680), I almost gave up on my GMAT and MBA dreams. After a couple of years, when I started considering an MBA once again, I wanted my preparation to be strong. I did not want to leave any loose ends in terms of my preparation. Last couple of times, Verbal pulled my score down and I did not want the same to repeat. After seeing a bunch of positive reviews about e-GMAT, I decided to give it a shot and ended up signing up for e-GMAT's Verbal Online course.

I had to learn to understand logic with sentences to begin with. And this is where I believe e-gmat helped me the most. Although, what they taught was not radically different, the visualization of how one should approached the CR problem helped me quite a bit. This process increased my accuracy and when I did take the GMAT again, after exactly two years, I ended up scoring 730 (Q50 and V38). A total improvement of 50 points in a span of 2 months.

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